It is no secret that I LOVE Facebook. I am often referred to as “the Facebook girl” or accused of being on there payroll. (I’m not above it so Facebook…Hit. Me. Up!)

However, as a social media marketer, I enjoy most of the platforms, though I have many reasons why Facebook is my favorite. They offer the most tools and resources for businesses. They are constantly changing because they want to remain the #1 social media platform among all demographics on the internet. Their goal is to listen and respond to what users want most. There is a reason that people check Facebook 11+ times per day.

Source: Surveys conducted 2012-2016. PEW RESEARCH CENTER


Yes, other platforms have a lot to offer and I will talk about those in due time. But first, I want to spotlight the benefits of the world’s largest social media platform.

It is the first platform I recommend almost every business start with for the following reasons…

  1. Most people are comfortable with the platform for their personal use making it an easy transition into business use.


  1. With 2 billion active users, it’s safe to say that majority of any target audience a business serves is on Facebook. You can put your business in front of new customers literally every day.


  1. Customers expect a business to have a page. They are free to set up and not difficult to update.


  1. Facebook ads typically more affordable than traditional print, radio or TV ads, and have more control over targeting specific demographics.


  1. The tools they offer, such as Insights, Ad Manager, PowerEditor, and Audience Insights are amazing assets they give you access for free!



I could go on, and I will in other posts and trainings. If you have already created a page and need inspiration for creating posts, download our free cheat sheet.


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