Hey Fellow Hustler!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and returning to the office this week isn’t too crazy. I know how it is as a business owner…for every day you take off, you return to 3x the work!

As we have talked about via emails and Facebook Live, there are some really big changes occurring on social media. Mostly Facebook right now, but let’s face it…when FB makes changes other platforms follow. Allocating marketing funds to social media ads are more crucial than ever as organic reach plummets. However, with those changes some see as negative, there have been incredible upgrades to the Ads Manager platform that makes reaching your exact ideal customer possible, finding more customers like your current loyal fans, and even re-targeting options to increase sales. Did you know that customers that are re-targeted are 70x more likely to purchase?

We went into serious preparation mode for this change. Many of our clients hire us to simply post valuable content for their followers without running ads. We wanted to maintain our pricing as close to the rates they were used to yet still incorporate ad spend. Though we went way beyond keeping our pricing structure. Just before the holidays hit, we went into negotiations with our service providers and some new partners that help us manage accounts like yours to keep our prices lower than industry average. It is always our goal to remain affordable for startups to medium-sized businesses. That’s why when we lower our operating costs, we pass those savings onto you. We have been able to slash our pricing 25-60% across the board!!

For example, we now have a Jump Start 2018 Package that would be a great way to give us a test run and prepare for growth in 2018.


The Jump Start 2018 package includes:
• Daily Facebook & Twitter posting
• Add your choice of LinkedIn or Google+ Daily posts for Free
• Target Facebook Ads to Drive Brand Awareness
• A $50 Ad Allowance included

An $800 value for ONLY $499 per month plus one-time setup fee of $179.


Compared to the industry average of $2200 for similar services, e[bs] was already a bargain at $800. But as I said, we believe in passing our savings onto our clients. We see it as an investment back into your business.
As always, you are never locked into a long-term contract. You can cancel at any time with only a 30-day notice required. Though you can save even more when you pay for the full year up front. Get a month free and the setup fee lowers to $99!

Pricing for all our services have been reduced. If this particular package doesn’t fit your needs, I would love to discuss our other options or add-ons services: such as Instagram or Pinterest. Our consultations are always free with no-obligation.

This offer expires on December 8th, 2017. The price will increase to $599. So lock in this incredible savings for your business now while its at the lowest ever rate!

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