e[bs] is passionate about providing your business with the tools you need to stand out in a noisy digital world. We believe that entrepreneurs and small business are what make this country great.

We provide personal one-on-one coaching that sets us apart from other companies; working with you to find the social media platforms that best suits your business and utilizing content marketing to maximize your success.

We offer: 

Content Marketing

Website Creation and Management

Marketing Consulting

Social Media Training and Management services

Engaging Brand Solutions began in 2015 and is the brain child of husband-wife team, Mark & Brandee Segraves.

We saw a massive need in the market. First, Startups and small businesses can’t afford huge agency prices and many even love the control of DIY. However, there aren’t many options to serve their needs.  You can either find a service that generates generic content that sounds like it came from a robot or you can hire super cheap labor that turns out to be shady and costs more time and money than when the project began.


We work with freelancers that are both talented and affordable to create personalized websites, write social media posts that aren’t generic, and create beautiful graphics that promote you brand. Instead of you spending your precious time calling or emailing multiple people for all of these services,      e[bs] is here to manage these projects for you. So you only need one-point of contact.


We also understand that many businesses aren’t ready to hire an agency for multiple reasons. That’s why we created our training's and “tutoring” packages. Save hours (even days) sifting through information that could be great or could be terrible. Learn from experts that have already been there and love helping other succeed.

What is e[bs]?

Content Writing

Website Creation and Management

Marketing Consulting

Social Media Training and Management services

Creative Project Managers


What is not e[bs]?

Traditional Marketing, such as TV and Radio

We don’t hold your website or platforms hostage to keep you doing business with us. You own them when they are completed.

We are not after big business

Contact Engaging Brand Solutions today! Initial consultations are always free! 


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